When you buy a Kora 3D printer, Kora Safety Cabinet or any other Kora products, you become a partner and a valued customer. We will listen to all feedback, and questions will usually be answered within 48 hours either by e-mail or by telephone. We think that as partners we can achieve our goals and ambitions by continually working together and improving this exciting industry. We strongly believe in the Open Source 3D Printing community and in developing our products with our partners and you the customer. Some parts of the Kora Safety Cabinet designs are proprietory for reasons of continued safe operation

We are currently developing a series of tutorial videos that will show you how to get the best out of your Kora product. If you have any questions in the meantime, please see our answers to frequent questions below, and get in touch by email on customerservice@kora.co.uk if there’s anything else you want to know.


I’m having trouble completing my online purchase

Please send an email to customerservice@kora.co.uk with your contact details and we will contact you directly.

When can I expect delivery of my Kora 3D Printer or Safety Cabinet?

Delivery times vary from next working day to 10 working days after placing the order depending on your location and the availability of the products you have ordered. We will keep you updated after you have placed your order and your payment method has been verified

Is there a delivery charge?

Sales may be subject to a delivery charge - please see website basket at time of checkout or contact customerservice@kora.co.uk for further details

How do I know when my item has shipped?

We’ll email you to let you know when to expect delivery of your Kora product. We’ll send you another email 24 hours prior to delivery. Please make sure somebody is present to sign for the delivery of the product. 

Printer Support

How do I start 3D printing?

Your Kora printer will come with all the instructions you need to start printing straight away. Setting your printer up is a simple matter of removing it from the recycled packaging, checking that your Kora has reached you in perfect condition. After attaching the filament spool, insert the SD card we’ll include in the box into the SD card slot, then load the filament into the Extruder. On the display screen, select the first model you want to make and press PRINT. Your chosen design will start to print, and you can begin exploring the world of 3D printing with Kora.

What can I print with a Kora 3D Printer?

There are very few restrictions to what you can print with the Kora machines. With a large build plate size available, you will be able to print many items straight away. With a little experience you will soon be able to join prints together in a seamless fashion to build whatever you desire at whatever size you wish     

What do I do if my 3D Printer or Safety Cabinet stops working?

When you buy a Kora Printer or Safety Cabinet, you will automatically receive comprehensive support, we will either fix the problem or if impractical to do so, replace your machine within the appropriate warranty period.

How do I access Kora Support?

Your Kora Printer and Safety Cabinet have unique Serial Numbers attached to the machine frame, you will use these serial numbers to correspond with Kora for your support.

Materials & Filament

Do I have to use Kora filament?

We recommend that you use Kora filament with the Kora Printers. The Kora Printer carries a full one year warranty which remains valid when using Kora products that are calibrated and extensively tested to work in harmony with your Kora machine. 

Which materials can be used on my Kora 3D Printer? 

Kora currently offer PLA , ABS and HIPS in a wide variety of colours. We will also soon be offering more exotic materials to print on your Kora Printer.  Whenever possible, Kora reccomend the use of PLA filament

What are the costs of the materials and filaments?

The Kora PLA, ABS and HIPS materials are usually provided in 1kg rolls. The cost per kilogram varies, depending on the material - please check the 'Filament' link on the website for prices. We are currently testing other exotic filament that will be suitable to use on the Kora Printers


How much does the Kora machine weight?

The Kora Pro weighs approximately 15kg excluding any accessories (power supply built-in)

The Kora Pro PC weighs approximately 16kg excluding any accessories (power supply built-in)

The Kora SC-01 Safety Cabinet weighs approximately 22kg

Will my 3D Printer Fit inside the SC-01 Universal Safety Cabinet?

The SC-01 Universal Safety Cabinet has been designed to fit most of the popular Desktop 3D Printers. You can measure your 3D Printer and check it fits within the INTERNAL dimensions listed below:

  • INTERNAL DIMENSIONS in millimeters (mm) 652 wide x 658 deep x 688 high (excluding any SC-01 accessories installed)
  • EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS in millimeters (mm) 662 wide x 662 deep x 787 high (including filter housing)

Compatible 3d printers that will fit inside the Kora Universal SC-01 Safety Cabinet:  Kora Pro, Kora Alpha, Kora Midi Mk1, RS PRO iTX, Ultimaker 1, Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker Extended, MakerBot Replicator, MakerBot Replicator Mini, LulzBot Mini, Zortrax M200, MakerGear M2, WitBox, Formlabs, Robo, Dremel Idea Builder, Flashforge, Prusa Mk1, Prusa Mk2, Prusa Mk3, Creality CR10, Creality Ender, RepRap ....... many, many more


What is the Standard Warranty on a Kora 3D Printer and Kora Safety Cabinet?

The Kora products carry a full 12 month warranty on a return to base agreement. An 'extended' 60 month 'parts only' warranty is available for the Kora SC-01 Safety Cabinet (see conditions). During the first 12 months the Customer is responsible for the cost, including suitable shipping insurance, to return the machine to Kora HQ, Leeds - then Kora HQ Leeds will take responsiblity for the cost of returning the machine back to the customer. Any part(s) found defective that can be removed and re-fitted by the customer and shipped as separate items - avoiding the cost of shipping the complete machine, will be a prefered method of part(s) repair / replacement (manditory during the extended warranty period - during the extended warranty period, no carriage cost or labour charges are contributed to in any way by the company - part only is dispatched on proof of defective part by photographic evidence supplied by the customer)