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Fixie Software Engineering

1 Oct 2021

If you’re an architect who struggles with creating 3D models, a new software platform from Fixie may help, and now you can beta test it for free. The model-making process is often daunting and most certainly time-consuming for architects, and Fixie is aiming to make the technology more accessible from day one by integrating model making into the architectural design process. You won’t need any prior knowledge of 3D printing to use the Fixie platform, which also boasts the handy feature of automatically updated project costs and feasibility as you change the design.

Fixie is opening up its platform to a limited selection of early users in Nov. 2021 to experiment with the platform and offer feedback.

The Fixie Project

A software engineering research project funded by the EPSRC for exploiting defect predicition for automatic program repair (APR).

Learn more about the project here.

The Team

The FIXIE Team is made up of technical and human factors researchers from four UK Universities.

You can meet the team here.

Learn about Automatic Program Repair (APR)

Do you know what APR is? How is works? When it can be used?

Head over to Fixie Learn where you will find a series of videos all about APR.

Research Outputs

Find our publications here.

Fixie in the Media

Check out our  Youtube Channel, with loads of videos all about APR.

Stay tuned with the latest from the project on our  Twitter page.

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