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Concerns related to the use of 3D printing equipment, the heat of the extrusion area, the possibility of entrapment in moving parts, and concerns about the hazardous nature of fumes released from the 3D printing equipment have been raised. CLEAPSS has highlighted that the lack of evidence on the health and safety risks associated with using desktop 3D printers and has worked in partnership with  the Manufacturing Technology Centre (Coventry), KORA, Peritus Health Management, the British Standards Institute and the Health and Safety Executive to develop a good practice guide for safe use of desktop 3D printers for schools. 

These related document links below identify areas that should be considered before purchasing and when using 3D printers, and recommends measures that should be put in place to reduce these risks. The term 'recommendation' is used to highlight the need for action(s) to be taken considering the most relevant regulations.

HSE Guidance

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