Formula 3D 100ml

Formula 3D 100ml

Premium Rub On Adhesive For 3D print beds. Prevents lifting of print and provides a stable platform for the 3D printing process. Refills and 'cash back' schemes available to encourage full re-cycling.

Review From Fuse London

“Very easy to use with the distribution/smoothing pad that covers a lot of surface at once. Is also great that it doesn’t layer up like for example glue stick or magicgoo. The formula 3D solution leaves a perfectly smooth and thin layer that bonds well to PLA, PETG, ABS and other 3D printer filaments. Is easy to apply and remove as well, dries out super-fast and has no unpleasant odours. Our bottle lasted a couple months with constant use on 4 printers.”

Review From Leeds University

"The F3D is a little gem of a product which works a dream – Prints are adhering to the build plate very well using F3D. In comparison to similar adhesion products and sprays in particular, this is so much easier to use and is far easier to clean after printing. The applicator uses minimal fluid and glides along the print beds quickly and efficiently. We have been using this on our 30+ Ultimaker printers and will continue to do so as the product is really boosting print success and minimising failures from build plate adhesion and warping. Priced well, Highly recommend ! " Rhys.M Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing Services Mechanical Engineering University of Leeds


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Directions for use:


Unscrew foam top and pierce the silver foil bottle seal, replace top firmly. PULL off the bottle cap, (PULL do not unscrew).

Gently shake the bottle then press the foam top against the build plate 2 or 3 times. Use the foam top to evenly spread Formula-3D across the intended print area. Allow to dry to ensure your print sticks firmly to your build plate surface. (To speed up the drying process turn on the build plate heaters after application - do not apply to a hot build plate - if hot, allow to cool before application). That's all you have to do!

For consistent results, re-apply frequently, especially where previous prints have been removed from the build plate.

Occasionally use a damp sponge, scouring pad or cloth to evenly redistribute or remove any Formula 3D adhesive build-up.

Specially formulated for use with FFF/FDM 3D Printers

Formula-3D is a specialist adhesive that allows you to coat your 3D Printer build plate and MAKE your 3D model prints stick fast! Suitable for most filaments. Suitable for most build plates.

Environmentally friendly. Safe, Odour Free Formula. Suitable for heated (Max. 100’C) and non heated build plates.


Not considered harmful in normal use following guidelines below:

Avoid eye contact – if this occurs wash with clean water & remove contact lenses if worn and safe to do so. Do not swallow - if this occurs drink plenty of clean water. Skin contact should be kept to a minimum wash skin after any contact with soap and water. If any symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

Product contains: Aqua (water), Denatured Alcohol, Other Ingredients. Use only as directed. Protect from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Alcohol content <24%

Safety Data Sheet